Boyfriend K!lls his girlfriend after stealing her madam’s money


Report gathered by has it that a guy name James Kwaku Nkansah has killed his girlfriend Elizabeth Tetteh who is a hair apprentice after she accused him of stealing her money.

Elizabeth Tetteh was killed in her room after she confronted James her boyfriend for taking her money without her permission. It’s been revealed that her missing money doesn’t actually belong to her but her madam at work.

According to reports, Elizabeth was given the money by the owner of the salon where she works to keep while she travelled to the Ivory Coast. She also entrusted the shop to her while she was gone.

According to the story, this isn’t the first time this has happened, as the salon’s owner has entrusted Elizabeth with money on multiple times because she’s a competent and faithful employee.

James Kwaku Nkansah, the boyfriend, stole the money for his personal gains and later strangled Elizabeth to death after she approached him about it.

The police have taken over the case – Stay tuned for more on this sad story.


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