Troy Dendekker

Troy Dendekker is the late American musician Bradley Nowell, who was the lead singer and guitarist for the ska-punk band Sublime. Troy has been widely identified as Nowell’s widow in the media since her husband’s death. Because of the identity and recognition, she gained as the singer’s wife, she has also been carrying on the band’s legacy from the 1990s.

She even suggested making a documentary about Sublime’s journey, both with and without Nowell. In addition to this, after her husband passed away from a heroin overdose, she also runs drug addiction awareness campaigns. So, in this article, we’ll delve into all of her unknown facts.

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Aside from all of this, Dendekker is a mother who appears to be living a happy life in the present. The couple allegedly started dating in the early 1990s while Nowell was on one of his tours. Dendekker became pregnant with her first child in October 1994, shortly after their romantic relationship began. On June 25, 1995, she gave birth to her only child with Jakob James Nowell.

The couple decided to marry just a year after the birth of their son. Troy married her longtime boyfriend Bradley on June 25, 1995. The lovely Hawaiian-themed wedding ceremony took place in Las Vegas, among other places.

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Bradley Nowell Ex-Wife: Who Is Troy Dendekker?

Bradley Nowell Ex-Wife was born on March 8, 1971, to father David Newton, and mother Robin Newton. Troy Dendekker is currently married to Kiki Holmes, aka. Keith Holmes. The couple married on November 1, 2002. She has three other children in addition to Jakob, who was born from Troy’s first marriage. She had three children with Kiki during their 16-year marriage. Rudy and Mary were her children. Unfortunately, she has not revealed the name of the third child, a daughter.


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