Brazilian Rock Accident
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Seven people have been reported dead after the brazil cliff collapsed on the boat. 32 others have been injured whiles 9 were hospitalized according to eyewitnesses.

From the video, a woman was heard shouting “That piece will fall out”.”Get out of there,” another person was heard warning them before the cliff collapses onto the boats.

According to Lieutenant Pedro Aihara, three vessels were hit by falling rock. Out of the 32 injured, nine people were in the hospital but 20 people are missing.

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However, divers and helicopters are still in search of the water for any more survivors.

Alessandra Barbosa told news outlet EPTV that she is seeking news of her uncles, who were spending the weekend at the site and decided to take a boat tour of the cliff.

“I called local hospitals. So far I haven’t had any information about them. We are distressed, very concerned,” she said.

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“We get nervous because we have no information and it’s family, right? Family is everything to us.”

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