Breck Denny Cause Of Death Revealed

Breck Denny Cause Of Death

Breck Denny American writer has kicked the bucket at the age of 34 and his death has made many of his followers ask questions about the cause of his death and how he died. Well, there is no news about how he died however investigation is been made to find out Breck Denny Cause Of Death.

Who Is Breck Denny?

Breck Denny was a New York-based actor and writer who wrote the last piece. He lived in Cleveland, Ohio, and graduated from New York University with a BA in creative writing. Breck was a member of the Sunday Company.

Breck Denny was famous for his creative writings and also starred in many short movies such as The Last Piece, FabulousnessNess with Clea+Jordon, Conversion Therapy, and Oh, Sorry. Denny is married to Emily Levitan. Breck Denny’s wife Emily Levitan works as the director of the original series on Netflix.

Breck Denny Cause Of Death Revealed

The cause of Breck Denny Death according to his family members is that the actor died of a rare spontaneous splenic artery rupture in Santa Barbara.

In a statement by his family ” Breck also bragged about having a supportive wife”.

Denny is survived by his father Robert Breck Denny Sr, mother Ninna Denny, his sisters Liza Oneglia, Carter Denny Adams, Louise Denny Considine, and his dog Yankee Doodle Denny.


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