Chinese Names For Boys And Their Meanings

This article is a list of 100 Chinese Names For Boys And Their Meanings. The list includes many different types of names, with meanings that are both traditional and modern.

Chinese Names For Boys

There are many reasons to consider a Chinese name for your new baby boy. Learning about the meaning behind a name might be one of them. These names can sometimes reflect the personality or desired traits of your child in an interesting way. Plus, there’s something romantic about giving your child such an old-world name with so much history and culture behind it. And if you ever plan to visit China, it always helps to have a Chinese name handy!

Adorable Chinese Names For Boys And Their Meanings

What are some male Chinese names? Below are some Chinese names for boys and their meanings to give to your newborn baby boy.

Aiguo: meaning “Love of the country”

An: meaning “Peace”

Bai: meaning “White”

Bambang: meaning “Solider”

Bengt: meaning “Blessed”

Biming: meaning “Clear”

Bingwen: meaning “Bright”

Bo: meaning “Waves”

Bojing: meaning “Admiration”

Boqin: meaning “Respect”

Chang: meaning “Spirit”

Changpu: meaning “Simple”

Chao: meaning “Surpassing”

Chaun: meaning “Secure”

Chen: meaning “Great”

Cheng: meaning “Accomplished”

Cheung: meaning “Good luck”

Chi: meaning “Younger generation”

Chuanli: meaning “Propriety”

Chun: meaning “Bloom”

Chung: meaning “Intelligent”

Da: meaning “Attainment”

Deli: meaning “Virtuous”

Deming: meaning “Bright”

Dingbang: meaning “Protector of the country”

Dong: meaning “East”; “winter”

Duyi: meaning “Whole”

Fai: meaning “Beginning”

Feng: meaning “Sharp blade”

Fu: meaning “Wealthy”

Gan: meaning “Adventure”

Gang: meaning “Strong”

Gen: meaning “Root”

Guang: meaning “Light”

Gui: meaning “Noble”

Guotin: meaning “Leader”

Unique Chinese Names For Boys and their meanings

The following are some unique Chinese names for boys and their meanings.

One of the most interesting things about Chinese culture is how much importance they put on naming and giving a person a name. The whole culture is different when it comes to naming as there are different rules and customs for each gender. This tradition has been around for centuries, so Chinese people have come up with some really interesting names over time. Check out some of the Unique Chinese Names For Boys and their meanings

Hai: meaning “Sea”

Hao: meaning “Perfect”

He: meaning “Peace of the river”

Heng: meaning “Eternal”

Hong: meaning “Swan”

Hop: meaning “Agreeable”

Hou: meaning “Noble”

Hua: meaning “Prosperous”

Huan: meaning “Happy”

Hui: meaning “Splendor”

Jia: meaning “Great”

Jian: meaning “Healthy”

Jianyu: meaning “Universe”

Jie: meaning “Pure”

Jig: meaning “Quick”

Jin: meaning “Gold”

Jinhai: meaning “Golden sea”

Jun: meaning “Truth”

Kang: meaning “Well-being”

Kong: meaning “Sky”

Kun: meaning “Universe”

Kuo: meaning “Vast”

Lei: meaning “Thunder”

Li: meaning “Strength”

Li jun: meaning “Logic”, “ruler”

Li qiang: meaning “Logic”; “strong”

Li Wei: meaning “Logic”; “high power”

Liang: meaning “Bright”

Lie Jie: meaning “Logic”; “hero”

Ling: meaning “Compassion”

Liu: meaning “Willow”

Lok: meaning “Happiness”

Manchu: meaning “Pure”

Mingli: meaning “Bright”

Mingyu: meaning “Bright jade”

Minsheng: meaning “Voice of the people”

Ning: meaning “Spirit”

On: meaning “Peace”

Park: meaning “Cypress tree”

Peizhi: meaning “Respectful”

Ping: meaning “Stable”

Qi: meaning “Enlightenment”

Qiang: meaning “Strong”

Qiao: meaning “Handsome”

Qing: meaning “Sky blue”

Qiu: meaning “Autumn”

Qu: meaning “Interesting”

Quon: meaning “Bright”

Ru: meaning “Bright”

Shan: meaning “Mountain”

Shen: meaning “Spirit”

 Shilin: meaning “Intellectual”

Shing: meaning “Victory”

Shoi-ming: meaning “Sunshine”

Shui: meaning “Like water”

Song: meaning “Pine tree”

Susu: meaning “Quiet”

Sying: meaning “Star”

Tai-hua: meaning “Handsome”

Taio: meaning “Distinguished”

Tao: meaning “Waves”

Tengfei: meaning “Soaring”

Tu: meaning “Earth”

Tung: meaning “Universal”

Popular Chinese Names For Boys

Chinese parents spend a lot of time choosing a name for their baby. Sometimes, they even give their baby two names, one in English and the other in Chinese.

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In order to help them make a decision, we have compiled a list of some Popular Chinese Names For Boys and their meanings.

Wang: meaning “Wish”

Wang lei: meaning “King”; “thunder”

Wang Wei: meaning “King”; “power”

Wang Yong: meaning “King”; “brave”

Wei: meaning “Great”

Weiyuan: meaning “Depth”

Weizhe: meaning “Sage”

Wen: meaning “Cultured”

Wenyan: meaning “Refined”

Xiang: meaning “Circling”

Xin: meaning “New”

Xing: meaning “Rising”

Xue: meaning “Studious”

Yang: meaning “Model”

Yanlin: meaning “Beijing forest”

Ye: meaning “Bright”

Yi: meaning “Firm”

Ying: meaning “Bold’

Yingjie: meaning “Brave”

Yingpei: meaning “Admire”

Yong: meaning “Brave”

Yongrui: meaning “Lucky”

Yu: meaning “Friend”

Yuanjun: meaning “Joy”

Zhixin: meaning “Ambitious”

Zhong: meaning “Loyal”

Zhou: meaning “Assist”

Zian: meaning “Peace”

Zihao: meaning “Hero”

chinese female names on facebook

Below are some chinese female names on facebook;

Ah Cy – lovely
Ah Kum – good as gold
Ah Lam – peace
Ai – love, affection
Alix – dignified
An – peace
Annchi – angelic peace
Bai – crystal clear
Bao – treasure
Baozhai – precious hairpin
Bi – green jade
Bik – jade
Bingqing – clear as ice
Biyu – jasper; semi-precious stone
Bo – precious
Caihong – a rainbow in the sky
Chan juan – the moon; graceful; ladylike
Chang – free; uninhibited
Changchang – flourishing
Changying – flourishing and lustrous
Chao-xing – morning star
Chen the – morning
Chenguang – morning light
Chow – summertime
Chu Hua – chrysanthemum
Chun – springtime
Chunhua – spring flower
Chuntao – spring peach
Chyou – sweet autumn
Cuifen – emerald fragrance
Da Chun – long spring
Da-Xia – long summer
Dai-tai – leading a boy in hopes
Daiyu – black jade
Dandan – cinnabar red
Diu – one who is down to earth and is a practical person
Dongmei – winter plum
Ehuang – beautiful; august
Eu-fùnh – playful phoenix
Eu-meh – especially beautiful
Fan – mortal
Fang – fragrant; sweet-smelling
Far – flower
Fenfang – fragrant
Feng – maple
Fung – bird
Genji – who is most valuable as gold
Gho – responsible and inspirational
Guan-yin – goddess of mercy
Guang – glory
Hee – lotus
Heng – constant; steady; persistent
Hien – persevering
Holea – holy
Honf – sign of good luck
Hop – agreeable; consistent
Howin – a loyal swallow
Hu – tiger
Hua – flower
Hualing – flourishing herb
Huan – happiness
Hui ying – bright; intelligent
Huian – obliging and quiet
Huian – kind peace
Huifang – kind and fragrant
Huifen – wise and fragrant
Huilang – wise jade tinkling
Huiliang – kind and good
Huiqing – kind and affectionate
Huizhong – wise and loyal
Hwei-ru – wise and intelligent
Jia – beautiful
Jia li – good and beautiful
Jiahui – nice person
Jiao – dainty or lovely
Jiayi – household fitting
Jiaying – household flourishing
Jie – cleanliness
Jilpa – a teacher of life
Jin – gold
Jing – crystal; sparkling
Jing – small bird
Jingfei – still fragrance
Jinghua – situation splendid
Jinghua – leek flowers
Ju – chrysanthemum
Juan – graciousness
Jun – truth
Kuai hua – mallow blossom
Kwong – broad
Lai – future
Lan – orchid
Lanfen – orchid fragrance
Lanying – indigo lustrousness
Lanying – blue glitter or blue quartz
Lee – plum
Li – upright
Lì húa – beautiful pear blossom
Li mei – beautiful plum blossom
Li ming – beautiful and bright
Li na – beautiful and graceful
Li qin – beautiful stringed musical instrument
Li rong – beautiful lotus
Li wei – beautiful rose
Lian – the graceful willow
Lien – lotus
Liena – a woman as beautiful as a lotus flower
Lifen – beautiful fragrance
Lihua – beautiful and flourishing
Lijuan – beautiful and graceful
Liling – beautiful jade tinkle
Liling – white jasmine tinkling
LiMei – beautiful plum flower
LiMing – who is pretty and bright
Lin – beautiful jade
Ling – compassion and understanding
Linqin – beautiful zither
Liqiu – beautiful autumn
Liu – flowing
Lixue – pretty and pure as snow
Loi – thunder
Luan – upswing
Luli – dewy jasmine
Mayleen – beautiful
Méh-è – beautiful posture
Méh-fùnh – pretty or beautiful phoenix
Mei – beautiful plum
Mei Lien – beautiful lotus
Mei Xiang – beautiful fragrance
Mei Xing – beautiful star
Mei Zhen – beautiful pearl
Mei-yin – very beautiful or beauty.
Meifen plum – fragrance
Meifeng – beautiful wind
Meihui – beautiful wisdom
Meili – beautiful
Meilin – plum tree
Meiling – beautiful and delicate
Meirong – beautiful countenance
Meixiang – plum fragrance
Meixiu – beautiful grace
Meiying – beautiful flower
Meizhen – beautiful pearl
Mey – gorgeous or pretty or stunning.
Ming Yue – bright moon
Ming-huá – tomorrow’s flower
Mingmei – bright and beautiful girl
Mingxia – bright glow through the clouds at dawn
Mingxia – clear halo
Mingyu – bright jade
Mingzhu – bright pearl
Mu lan – magnolia blossom
Mu tan – tree peony blossom
Na – elegant or smooth
Ngo-Kwang – beautiful; august
Ning – tranquility
Ninghong – tranquil red
Niu – a girl
Nuan – wholehearted
Nuo – graceful
Nuwa – mother goddess
Nuying – female flower
O-Huang – august
Pangfua – clouds in the shape of flower
Peijing – admiring luxuriance
Peizhi – respectful
Peizhi – admiring iris
Ping – duckweed
Qi – fine jade
Qiang – rose
Qiànrú – nice smile
Qiao – skillful
Qiaohui – skillful and wise
Qiaolian – skillful always
Qing – dark blue
Qing – yuan clear spring
Qingge – clear pavilion
Qingling – lucky years
Qingyuan – a clear spring or deep water
Qingzhao – clear illumination/understanding
Qinyang – sunshine of my heart
Qiuyue – autumn moon
Renxiang – benevolent fragrance
Rong – martial
Rong – beautiful; elegant
Rong – honor, glory
Rou – gentle, mild
Rùfen – nice fragrance
Ruiling – auspicious jade tinkling
Ruolan – like an orchid
Ruomei – like a plum
Shan – virtuous
Shaoqing – young blue
Sheu-fùh – elegant phoenix
Shihong – the world is red
Shu – fair
Shu fang – kind; gentle and sweet
Shuang – frank; open-hearted
Shuchun – fair; pure
Shui – one who is like a water
Shun – smooth
Song – pine tree
Suyin – plain and unadorned sound
Syà – summertime
Sying – star
Tao – peach; symbol of long life
Tè – special
Teegan – good-looking
Ting – slim and graceful
Tu – jade element in earth cycle
Tung-Mei – winter plums
Ushi – the ox
Wan – gentle; gracious; beautiful; lovely
Wei – valuable; precious
Weici – preserving love
Wen – refinement
Wenling – tinkling sound of refined jade
Wenquian – refined matter
Xia – rosy clouds
Xia – glow of the sunrise or sunset
Xia – the summer lotus; pure and elegant
Xiang – fragrant
Xiao chen – early morning; dawn
Xiao hong – rainbow
Xiaodan – little dawn
Xiaofan – little and ordinary
Xiaohui – little wisdom
Xiaohui – morning sunlight
Xiaojian – healthy
Xiaojing – morning luxuriance
Xiaoli – morning jasmine
Xiaolian – little lotus
Xiaoling – morning tinkle
Xiaoqing – little blue
Xiaosheng – little birth
Xiaotong – morning redness
Xiaozhi – little iris
Xifeng – western phoenix
Xin qian – happy and beautiful
Xingjuan – arising grace
Xiu – fine; beautiful
Xiu Mei – beautiful plum
Xiulan – beautiful orchid
Xiurang – elegant countenance
Xiurong – beautiful glory
Xiuying – beautiful flower
Xue – snow
Xueman – snowy grace
Ya – graceful
Yan – swallow bird; gorgeous
Yáng – sun
Yanmei – Beijing plum
Yanmei – flattering and seductive
Yanyu – Beijing jade
Yenay – she who loves
Yet Kwai – beautiful as a rose
Yi jie – happy and pure
Yi min – happy and smart
Yi ze – happy and shiny like a pearl
Yín – silver
Ying – clever or eagle
Yingtai – flower terrace
Yow – feminine
Yu – jade or rain
Yu-jun – from Chongching
Yuan – original
Yuanjun – Yuan River ruler
Yubi – jade emerald
Yue – moon
Yue wan – happy and gentle
Yue ying – happy and smart; kind
Yue you – happy and friendly
Yuèhai – beautiful moon
Yuèqín – moon-shaped lute
Yuke – jade
Yun – cloud
Yunru – charming seeming
Yusheng – jade birth
Yüying – jade flower
Zhaohui – clear wisdom
Zhenzhen – precious
Zhilan – iris orchid
Zhu – bamboo
Zi – graceful; beautiful
Zongying – taking heroes/flowers as a model



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