100 Adorable Chinese Names For Boys And Their Meanings

This article is a list of 100 Chinese Names For Boys And Their Meanings. The list includes many different types of names, with meanings that are both traditional and modern.

Popular Chinese Names For Boys
Chinese Names For Boys

There are many reasons to consider a Chinese name for your new baby boy. Learning about the meaning behind a name might be one of them. These names can sometimes reflect the personality or desired traits of your child in an interesting way. Plus, there’s something romantic about giving your child such an old-world name with so much history and culture behind it. And if you ever plan to visit China, it always helps to have a Chinese name handy!

Adorable Chinese Names For Boys And Their Meanings

What are some male Chinese names? Below are some Chinese names for boys and their meanings to give to your newborn baby boy.

Aiguo: meaning “Love of the country”

An: meaning “Peace”

Bai: meaning “White”

Bambang: meaning “Solider”

Bengt: meaning “Blessed”

Biming: meaning “Clear”

Bingwen: meaning “Bright”

Bo: meaning “Waves”

Bojing: meaning “Admiration”

Boqin: meaning “Respect”

Chang: meaning “Spirit”

Changpu: meaning “Simple”

Chao: meaning “Surpassing”

Chaun: meaning “Secure”

Chen: meaning “Great”

Cheng: meaning “Accomplished”

Cheung: meaning “Good luck”

Chi: meaning “Younger generation”

Chuanli: meaning “Propriety”

Chun: meaning “Bloom”

Chung: meaning “Intelligent”

Da: meaning “Attainment”

Deli: meaning “Virtuous”

Deming: meaning “Bright”

Dingbang: meaning “Protector of the country”

Dong: meaning “East”; “winter”

Duyi: meaning “Whole”

Fai: meaning “Beginning”

Feng: meaning “Sharp blade”

Fu: meaning “Wealthy”

Gan: meaning “Adventure”

Gang: meaning “Strong”

Gen: meaning “Root”

Guang: meaning “Light”

Gui: meaning “Noble”

Guotin: meaning “Leader”

Unique Chinese Names For Boys and their meanings

The following are some unique Chinese names for boys and their meanings.

One of the most interesting things about Chinese culture is how much importance they put on naming and giving a person a name. The whole culture is different when it comes to naming as there are different rules and customs for each gender. This tradition has been around for centuries, so Chinese people have come up with some really interesting names over time. Check out some of the Unique Chinese Names For Boys and their meanings

Hai: meaning “Sea”

Hao: meaning “Perfect”

He: meaning “Peace of the river”

Heng: meaning “Eternal”

Hong: meaning “Swan”

Hop: meaning “Agreeable”

Hou: meaning “Noble”

Hua: meaning “Prosperous”

Huan: meaning “Happy”

Hui: meaning “Splendor”

Jia: meaning “Great”

Jian: meaning “Healthy”

Jianyu: meaning “Universe”

Jie: meaning “Pure”

Jig: meaning “Quick”

Jin: meaning “Gold”

Jinhai: meaning “Golden sea”

Jun: meaning “Truth”

Kang: meaning “Well-being”

Kong: meaning “Sky”

Kun: meaning “Universe”

Kuo: meaning “Vast”

Lei: meaning “Thunder”

Li: meaning “Strength”

Li jun: meaning “Logic”, “ruler”

Li qiang: meaning “Logic”; “strong”

Li Wei: meaning “Logic”; “high power”

Liang: meaning “Bright”

Lie Jie: meaning “Logic”; “hero”

Ling: meaning “Compassion”

Liu: meaning “Willow”

Lok: meaning “Happiness”

Manchu: meaning “Pure”

Mingli: meaning “Bright”

Mingyu: meaning “Bright jade”

Minsheng: meaning “Voice of the people”

Ning: meaning “Spirit”

On: meaning “Peace”

Park: meaning “Cypress tree”

Peizhi: meaning “Respectful”

Ping: meaning “Stable”

Qi: meaning “Enlightenment”

Qiang: meaning “Strong”

Qiao: meaning “Handsome”

Qing: meaning “Sky blue”

Qiu: meaning “Autumn”

Qu: meaning “Interesting”

Quon: meaning “Bright”

Ru: meaning “Bright”

Shan: meaning “Mountain”

Shen: meaning “Spirit”

 Shilin: meaning “Intellectual”

Shing: meaning “Victory”

Shoi-ming: meaning “Sunshine”

Shui: meaning “Like water”

Song: meaning “Pine tree”

Susu: meaning “Quiet”

Sying: meaning “Star”

Tai-hua: meaning “Handsome”

Taio: meaning “Distinguished”

Tao: meaning “Waves”

Tengfei: meaning “Soaring”

Tu: meaning “Earth”

Tung: meaning “Universal”

Popular Chinese Names For Boys

Chinese parents spend a lot of time choosing a name for their baby. Sometimes, they even give their baby two names, one in English and the other in Chinese.

In order to help them make a decision, we have compiled a list of some Popular Chinese Names For Boys and their meanings.

Wang: meaning “Wish”

Wang lei: meaning “King”; “thunder”

Wang Wei: meaning “King”; “power”

Wang Yong: meaning “King”; “brave”

Wei: meaning “Great”

Weiyuan: meaning “Depth”

Weizhe: meaning “Sage”

Wen: meaning “Cultured”

Wenyan: meaning “Refined”

Xiang: meaning “Circling”

Xin: meaning “New”

Xing: meaning “Rising”

Xue: meaning “Studious”

Yang: meaning “Model”

Yanlin: meaning “Beijing forest”

Ye: meaning “Bright”

Yi: meaning “Firm”

Ying: meaning “Bold’

Yingjie: meaning “Brave”

Yingpei: meaning “Admire”

Yong: meaning “Brave”

Yongrui: meaning “Lucky”

Yu: meaning “Friend”

Yuanjun: meaning “Joy”

Zhixin: meaning “Ambitious”

Zhong: meaning “Loyal”

Zhou: meaning “Assist”

Zian: meaning “Peace”

Zihao: meaning “Hero”

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