Chomzy BBNaija Biography, Wiki, Age, Real Name, Instagram, Pictures, Net Worth


Esther Chioma Ndubueze, also known as Chomzy, was born in 1999 to a Gabonese father and a Nigerian mother. Chomzy is a business owner who enjoys traveling, sewing, and twerking.

Chomzy BBNaija Age

Chomzy is 22 years old.

Chomzy BBNaija Real Name

Chomzy’s real name is Esther Chioma Ndubueze.

Chomzy BBNaija Instagram

It is not clear if Chomzy has an Instagram account, we shall duly update you on this when there is a development.

Chomzy BBNaija Pictures

Chomzy Pictures

Chomzy BBNaija Net Worth

Chomzy’s net worth is currently undisclosed.

Chomzy BBNaija State

Chomzy hails from the Imo State of Nigeria.

Chomzy BBNaija Tribe

Chomzy is of the Igbo tribe.

Chomzy BBNaija Occupation

Chomzy is an entrepreneur.

Chomzy BBNaija Hometown

It is not yet known what Chomzy’s hometown is.

Chomzy BBNaija Boyfriend

It is not known whether or not Chomzy has a boyfriend.

Chomzy BBNaija Parents

The identities of Chomzy’s parents are not known at the moment.


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