Chop Life When You Have The Opportunity – Grandpa Jimmy Advises Youths (Video)
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Grandpa Jimmy, a Nigerian man, has shared some words of wisdom with young men and women about the importance of living life to the fullest.

The elderly man was talking to some ladies when he said that they should enjoy life while they still have the opportunity to do so in their youth.

He stated that he was speaking from experience because the life he lived to the fullest as a young man is what allows him to look healthy and agile in his old age.

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Mr Jimmy claims that what he ate when he was younger is what allowed him to survive this long on Earth.

The moment you see the opportunity to chop life, chop life. I chop life well well,” he said.

Read some comments below..

miss_myunique; Chop life but don’t chop your future 😂

susy.licious1; Make I chop my life savings this Christmas

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kinky_vee; This is exactly what I’ve decided to be doing. I want to chop life. I’ve realized this year that money will still go one way or the other. Problems never ends.

okolifortune; I’ve been saying this, Life is meant to be lived and enjoyed. That’s the only reason we are here.

christaintv09; This man was building fortunes while enjoying life don’t be deceived

ambalipacjay; Chopping life should be a BASIC sheybi una dey hear am eyin awon saving for next of kin 😂

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pweetie_ik; Chop life geng gather here for a selfie😂😂😂

aremulifestyle; Not that me self no like to chop life but na money be fine bobo

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