Christina Rene Hendricks: net worth and biography

Christina Rene Hendricks

Christina Rene Hendricks was born in Knoxville Tennessee United States, to an English father -Robert Hendricks, and an American mother- Jackie Sue Hendricks. She was born on May 3rd, 1975. Due to her father’s occupation as a forest serious employee, her family regularly relocated.

While Christina Hendricks was in elementary school her family relocated to Idaho, where she joined the local theater group in a bid to make new friends and fit into the community which favored theater. This marked a turning point for her as she discovered and partially developed her talent in acting.

After high school she entered a competition to be on the cover of seventeen magazines, this began her modeling career and she moved to New York after signing a contract with IMG models. For a decade Hendricks continued her modeling career, modeling in New York, London, and Japan. However, she transitioned into commercials, appearing in several commercials and a music video.

Once voted the most beautiful girl in America and the sexiest woman in the world by Esquire magazine in 2010, Christina Hendricks has led an amazing career in Hollywood, although starting out with very little knowledge in acting. She has gone on to act in several movies and Television series-Mad men, Good girls, Drive, and several more.

One notable feature about Hendricks is her figure. It can be said that her figure precedes her in the industry, most people have commented that hers is how a lady should look. Hendricks however has repeatedly rebuffed the comment saying that most people view her body more highly than they view her acting.

Christina Hendricks made her first television debut in the MTV anthology series undressed. Her first starring role was in the comedy series beggars and choosers (1999-2002). Her best-known role is the role of an office manager on the AMC series Madmen(2007-)

Christina Rene Hendricks was married to Geoffrey Arend in 2009 but their marriage ended after ten years due to reasons best known to them.

Awards and nominations.

Hendricks has received several awards including six Primetime Emmy Awards nominations. Five Screen Actors Guild Awards, winning two awards Screen Actors Guild Awards

Christina Hendricks Net Worth 2021

Currently, Christina Hendricks has an estimated net worth of $10 million. This is gotten from her salary as a producer,voice actor, actress and her savings as


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