Christine McGuinness Hints At Feeling ‘Lost’ As She Adjusts To Split From Husband Paddy

Christine McGuinness, 34, hinted in a string of tearful Instagram postings that she was finding it hard to adjust to life after her marriage finally ended. The most recent one she created was a street sign that read, “You’ll always feel a little lost right before you find yourself.”

She split up with Top Gear host Paddy, 49, this summer, forcing her to confront one of her biggest nightmares: the prospect of her three children having to deal with their parents cohabitating. Christine had previously expressed her desire to establish a family she’d never known because she was raised without a father at home.

Although she realized she was “awful” at darts, she has been enjoying being single, playing darts on a night out, and taking in the sunset by the banks of the River Thames, which she refers to as a “healer.” She also took a vacation to Devon to heal from the breakup, but the news that her grandma had passed away caused her a double blow.

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“My Nan, the one with the words of wisdom, joined my grandad in heaven last week,” she revealed on Instagram, before confiding: “It’s hit me harder than I ever imagined.”

She added: “Then my dad turned 60… if you have read my story you will understand why this is huge.

“I can’t help but wonder how he made it this far,” the model continued.

Christine has previously spoken of her father’s battle to curb his heroin addiction.

“I’m so grateful he is still here, even with his struggles, I’m thankful for that,” she explained in her post.

The early trauma she experienced with her father had made her all the more grateful for the stability in her marriage to Paddy – and she was devastated when that was gone.

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“We didn’t have it easy growing up, [as] my dad started heroin before I was born,” she had previously revealed to Sophie Ellis Bextor, the host of the Spinning Plates podcast.

“My mum left and raised me and my brother and sister on her own,” she elaborated.

“I just wanted them to have hot water and a nice house, nothing to the extent that of what I’ve got – this is beyond my wildest dreams.”

She previously described how her mother, Joanne, was compelled to separate from her father because of his difficulties in her book, A Beautiful Nightmare. She has acknowledged that her mother taught her what a “strong independent woman” is.

She intends to rely on her fortitude and adaptability as she copes with her marriage’s dissolution. The couple is still cohabitating in the family home since Christine had stated before the breakup that she would “never kick Paddy out.”

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She has also detailed some of the most significant experiences she has had this month as a single lady on Instagram, such as “more time with my babies,” a haircut, and a “beautiful sunset.”

According to Christine McGuinness; “I discovered I’m terrible at darts but laughed loads!”


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