Chyna Tahjere Griffin Net Worth; Biography, Boyfriend, Father, And Instagram

Chyna Tahjere Griffin is known to be amongst the most talented Black Americans and her parental origin does not give us doubts about his talent. She was born in Los Angeles on 1st April 1993 making her a national of The United States.

Chyna Tahjere Griffin Net Worth; Biography, Boyfriend, Father, And Instagram
Chyna Tahjere Griffin Net Worth 2021

Chyna Tahjere Griffin Father

Kiyamma Griffin is an affluent American whose riches and fame can be sourced from his connection with his former wife; Faith Evans. He is estimated to earn more than $100,000.00 each year. By profession, he is a music producer and a director.

Well, talking about Faith Evans; she is the mother of Chyna Griffin. She is also an RnB legend and a musician, director, and producer. Her net worth is estimated to be $3M. Kiyamma and Faith are however divorced.

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She has probably followed the footsteps of her parents because records hold it she started her musical career at a young age. She is now a singer, songwriter, and music producer. Chyna has a debut single produced in 2012 to her name.

Her debut single; Grown Lady, together with other songs such as Alright, Never Let Go, You Already Know and Capricorn Love has already established her in the music industry.

Much of her educational background has not really been captured in detail. It is however rumored she graduated from The Clive Davis Institute Of Recorded, a parr of The New York University.

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Chyna Tahjere Griffin Instagram

Having about 284,000 followers and following 914 people amidst 12 posts; Chyna is already an iconic young lady. Her Instagram handle is @tahjereofficial. Chyna’s growth into exceptional talent could be attributed to her father; Kiyamma Griffin.

Chyna Tahjere Griffin Net Worth 2021

Chyna Griffin has an estimated net worth of $500,000.00 and most of her life has been centered around her half-brother C.J Wallace popularly known as Lil Bobbie. His full name is Christopher George Latore Wallace and he is an actor. Her romantic life is linked to Bobby Brown who is an American Hip pop artiste though much hasn’t been revealed

Chyna Tahjere Griffin Net Worth

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