Commuters Stranded Over Commercial Drivers’ Strike In Accra(Photos)

Due to the commercial drivers strike in the country a great number of commuters have been left stranded in town and this has gotten social media buzzing.

Commuters Stranded Over Commercial Drivers' Strike In Accra(Photos)
Commuters Stranded Over Commercial Drivers’ Strike In Accra(Photos)

In the late hours of yesterday there were rumors about the trotro drivers and taxi drivers refusing to work today as a result of increase in fuel prices in the country.

Many thought it was just a lie but it’s seem they were really serious about the strike as they carried out what they said making lot of people walk today to their decision.

In achieving their aims the commercial drivers blocked all road so no commuters will have access to their services in Accra.

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Their actions made the services of the motor rider and bolt drivers very expensive as many increased their fare.

Speaking in an interview with Joy FM, the leader of the transport operators said their actions will make the government do the needful to reducing the prices of fuel.

Commuters Stranded Over Commercial Drivers’ Strike In Accra(Photos)

A representative of the coalition of private transport operators, Abass Imoro said the strike is supposed to be nationwide. However as at the time this news was been written it’s only in Accra that the strike is happening.

Following that, a video has emerged where some unconcerned trotro drivers have parked their vehicles and seen playing football. They are certainly unperturbed with the stress many passengers are going through in order to move to their workplaces.

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