Couple who got stuck while chewing themselves in lake Bosomtwe speaks [Video]


The couple who dominated headlines for getting stuck in lake Bosomtwe while harvesting the forbidden fruit have finally broken their silence after the video went viral.

While confirming the news to Angel TV, the Assemblyman of the area noted that the video that went viral is a scene from a movie they were shooting in the largest lake in Africa.

According to him, before they had moved to the lake to shoot the movie, they came to him to lead them to the traditional Chief of the area to seek official permission.

He said that the victims are not married couples as Ghanaians are made to believe.

Recall that the video of the couple went viral on the Ghanaian internet

From the video, the two who were heard crying for mercy from the gods who had caused their stuck.

The young man kept shouting “3sheshe me” to wit I’m going through some much pain, “aka mu, aka mu, awurade hu me m) b)”to wit it’s stuck God please have mercy on me.

Below is the video :


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