“The Showbiz” which is aired on CTv part of Class Media group has been moved from it normal time to 10am – 12pm on fridays.

Almost two years and the impact and success of the show has been great in the industry.

Winning awards and getting a lot of nominations due to it well structured segments.

The show takes this change to give it viewers the time to be able to watch and share their views.

K-squared media was also hinted with a likely extension of the show which will happen on saturdays with some great line ups.

The Showbiz has also been nominated for this year RTP Awards in the tv discovery category and it clear how this show is been noticed.

The show has some changes in line ups, segments like “bloggers arena” and “Nana Turkson hub” are maintained and the other segments pushed to the Saturday.

We hope “The Showbiz” will win the tv discovery of the year at this years RTP awards.


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