Daniel Seavey’s Fan Breaks Into His House And Sleep In His Bed

Daniel Seavey, an American singer-songwriter, musician, and producer, had an unexpected visitor in his home: an obsessed fan who broke into his home and slept in his bed.

Daniel Seavey

According to TMZ, the fan, a 23-year-old woman, broke into Daniel’s Los Angeles home last Wednesday night with flowers in her hand. CCTV footage recovered from the house showed the lady pacing outside the front door before climbing into the house through an unlocked window.

Daniel Seavey

Picture Credit: Getty Images

A source also confirmed that the lady raided Daniel’s closet and wore a ‘Free Hoover’ hoodie he bought at Drake and Kanye’s show in December. She then fell asleep on his bed.

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The lady walked into Daniel’s kitchen the next day, still wearing the hoodie, to dig through the cabinets while listening to Adele’s song, “Can I get it?”Picture Credit: TMZ

After viewing the surveillance video remotely, Daniel, who was away at the time of the entry, realized that an unwanted guest had entered his home on Thursday morning. He immediately called the cops, who arrived and arrested the woman.

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