If you are tired of eating at the same old places, we’ve got good news for you.There’s a “new restaurant ” in town and it very cool enough for you!


If you’ve ever considered going to a trendy place that celebrates a unique lifestyle and makes you think “this is so me”, then De Avenue Restaurant and Bar just might become your favourite hangout spot.

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De Avenue Restaurant and Bar was opened on 12th November 2022 at Community 18, Spintex.

De Avenue Restaurant seeks to become one of the trendiest fast casual restaurants in Ghana, garnering a loyal following of local and foreign dishes.

The latest fast-food restaurant in town is famous for it’s unique menu and open-style kitchen where customers can see (and smell) the meals being prepared.

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The restaurant comes with not just great meals but a sense of belonging for young cool Ghanaians. The appealing trendy decor is a representation of most young people: crazy, cool, hip and unique and tells a beautiful story of love, rock and hamburgers.

Follow them on Instagram @de_avenuegh, and you can also share your experiences with using the #deavenuegh.

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