In this article, we will be showing how the Ghana Education Service ( GES) salary structure is, how the single spine salary structure (SSS) is used to pay staff under the GES.

Who are Teachers?

Teachers are trained to impact knowledge. They are responsible for the preparation of lessons notes and educating students at all levels. Their duties include grading tests, assigning homework, and documenting progress.

Degree Teachers Salary In Ghana

Teachers in Ghana fall under the Ministry of Education and through the Accountant General Department, they are paid by the Ministry of Education. In Ghana, staff under GES are paid using the single spine salary structure. Teachers’ salary differs depending on their rank in Ghana

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Single Spine Salary Structure (SSS)

The single spine salary structure was introduced for public workers of which those in the teaching services are included. The sss came in 2010 to replace the Universal Salary Structure (GUSS). The SSS structure rewards workers based on their level of experience and the type of tasks they perform.

During a promotion, there is a rise in salaries. The single spine salary structure is different from the orthodox spine salary system because the orthodox spine pay structure offers the same pay grade for all workers.

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Ghana Education Service Salary Structure

The salary of a teacher is divided into different sections. Some of the sections include the single spine monthly salary, SSNIT Contribution, Welfare Dues, Mutual Fund Dues, Income Tax, Association Dues, SS Teachers retention premium.

Degree Teachers Salary

A teacher in Ghana is likely to earn GHC 800.00 – GHC 2,500 per month. A person working as a Degree Teacher in Ghana usually earns around GHC 2000 per month. The salaries of a degree teacher in Ghana range from GHC 1800 to GHC 2500. The salary also varies from a degree private school teacher and a degree government school teacher.

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Salary of Government Teachers in Ghana 2021/2022. Check details below

Degree Teachers Salary In Ghana

What is the salary of SHS teachers in Ghana?

The majority of workers in the field of Secondary education teachers receive a salary within the range of GH₵808.68 to GH₵3,957.86 per month as of 2021. Teachers teach one or more subjects at the secondary education level, excluding subjects intended to prepare students for employment in specific occupational areas.


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