Devanne Villarreal Net worth, Daughter, Children, Parents

Devanne Villarreal was born in Salinas California on 14th January 1993. She is a white American. Her father’s name is Devanne Barbara and her mother is Gustavo Villarreal. Villarreal has two brothers namely, Nate Villarreal and Chris Villarreal. Her parents are still married. Villarreal became famous as soon she married her husband Adams, who is a popular player in the National Football League.

Devanne Villarreal Net worth, Daughter, Children, Parents
Devanne Villarreal Net worth

Education and career

Villarreal completed school at Everett High School, She took her degree from California State University, in Fresno. After her degree, she chose skincare and cosmetics as her career. She worked furtherly to accomplish her goals. 

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Devanne Villarreal Wife

Devanne and Adams were in a serious relationship when they were in school(university). They did not get into marriage earlier but helped each other during their stay. In 2018, Adams and Devanne married and became husband and wife. They gave birth to their first child in the following year after marriage, who was named Adams Deija Leigh.

Devanne Villarreal Net worth

The net worth of Villarreal is estimated to be $150,000. Villarreal has not opened to the public the exact salary she receives, but we hope she will expose it one day so far as she keeps updating her status. Villarreal is a Beautician in the US, and as we speak, in every year in the US, a Beautician receives $60,163.

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Devanne and Adams went to the same school at the university level, got into a relationship, walked together, and finally became husband and wife. Villarreal and Adams are still married couples with two Children. Villarreal Devanne is a Beautician and Adams Davante is a player in the National Football League. No bad news has been released from their side since they married. 

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