Did Louie Simmons take steroids?

Louie Simmons quotes

Louie Simmons is the founder of Westside Barbell in Columbus, Ohio. He has been a world champion powerlifter and he is well-known for his training methods. These methods are often used by powerlifters and bodybuilders to train.

In the 1980s, steroids were legal and they were also quite popular among athletes. In the 1990s, they became illegal as they were associated with many health risks such as heart disease, liver disease, and cancer.

Louie Simmons has never admitted to taking steroids but he has never denied it either. The speculation stems from a video interview where he says that he takes “whatever it takes” to be successful in his sport.

Did Louie Simmons take steroids?

According to Louie Simmons;  No, I stay on. I don’t believe in periodization in training, either. I use mostly anabolics like Equipoise and Laurabolin until it’s time for a competition, and then I do the harder androgens. I do not take Anadrol.

Louie Simmons net worth

Louie Simmons net worth is estimated to be $2.5 million


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