In today’s article, we will be discusssing more about the Senior Economist. We will also talk about who Dr. Kwakye is and also dive a little into his personal life.

Who Is Dr. Kwakye?

However, Dr. John Kwabena Kwakye is also a senior economist at the Institute of Economic Affair (IEA). He is also actively involved in the institute’s research and advocacy work. Moreover, Dr. J.K. Kwakye has also researched and moreover published extensively on monetary, fiscal and exchange rate policies.

He has also published on inflation, foreign aid, inflation, the cost of credit, debt sustainability and Ghana’s middle income status. Dr. Kwakye however holds a PhD economics from the University of Reading. He also majored in Open Economy Macroeconomics and Development Economics.

Dr. John is also a member of the Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) of Bank of Ghana. Previously, Dr. Kwakye was the Director of Research at the Institute for Fiscal Studies (IFS), Ghana, Advisor to the Executive Director at the International Monetary Fund (IMF) in Washington D.C., Assistant Director at the Bank of Ghana, and also Deputy Director at the National Development Planning Commission (NDPC), Ghana.

Dr. Kwakye Biography

Articles Authored And Published By Dr. Kwakye

He has published and also authored a number of articles. The list of articles he has published includes all the following;

“Economic Policy Priorities for the New Government”

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“Reforming Bank of Ghana to Become an Effective Agent of Fiscal Restraint”.

Similarly, “Why Ghana Should Search for Nonaid Development Resources”

Also, “An Evaluation of the Second Review by the IMF Board of Ghana’s Extended Credit Facility- Supported Program, 2015 – 17” 

Moreover, he published “Reforms to Reduce Ghana’s Budget Deficit, Borrowing and Debt”

“Rethinking Central Banking: Bank of Ghana as an Agent of Fiscal Restraint”

“The Budget Gap Should be Narrowed to Reduce Borrowing and Debt”

Also, he published “The Ghana Heritage Fund: To Save or To Spend?”

“Evolution of Ghana’s Real Economy and the Prospects for Sustained Growth and Employment Generation”

“Budget Discipline Should Be Entrenched in Ghana As A Policy Priority”

“Righting the Ills of Budget Preparation, Implementation and Oversight in Ghana”

“The Price of Leadership Failings In Ghana: Part I”, Institute of Economic Affairs (IEA) (Ghana)” 

“Determination of Real Exchange Rate Misalignment for Ghana”

“Five Years of Inflation-Targeting in Ghana: What Has Changed and What Needs to Change Further to Enhance the Process?”

Similarly, “Key Issues in the Choice of an Appropriate Monetary Policy Framework for Ghana”

“Does Ghana Risk Returning To HIPC Status?”

Also, “Ghana’s Fiscal Policy Must be turned from an Instrument of Instability to One of Stability and Growth”

“Fiscal Policy, Macroeconomic Instability and Debt: the Case of Ghana”.

“Ghana’s Middle-Income Status Has Several Gaps That Need to be Filled” 

“Ghana Still Has Several Challenges to Overcome Despite its Rise to Middle-Income Status”

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“Ghana’s Middle-Income Reality Check: Part II: Social and Infrastructure Dimensions”

Similarly, “Ghana’s Middle-Income Reality Check: Part I: Economic Dimension”

“The Petroleum Sector Should be Fully Deregulated and Depoliticized in the National Interest”

“Africa Can and Must Overcome Its Addiction to Foreign Aid” 

Moreover, “Overcoming Africa’s Addiction to Foreign Aid: A Look at Some Financial Engineering to Mobilize Other Resources”

“Mitigating the Costs of “Washington Consensus” Policies: Titbits for Ghana and Other African Countries”

“Liquidation of the TOR Debt: Why Securitization Is A Better Option Than Recovery Through Petroleum Prices”

“Assessment of Inflation Trends, Management, and Macroeconomic Effects in Ghana”

Similarly,“African Countries Should Take Control of Their Economic Destiny and Not Mortgage it to Washington”

“High Interest Rates in Ghana: A Critical Analysis”

Also, “The Global Financial Crisis and Its Impact on Ghana — Challenges and the Way Forward”

Moreover, “Hastening the pace of economic growth: what can Ghana learn from South East Asia?”

“Anti-social behavior of Ghanaians — an attitude or systems problem?”

Also, “Responding to the current energy crisis in Ghana — it cannot be business as usual”

“Is there a real alternative to the International Monetary Fund in Africa?”

Also, “The West African Monetary Zone: To Be or Not to Be?”

“The Case for Petroleum Sector Deregulation Should be Taken Directly to the People”

Likewise, “Monetary Policy in Ghana, 1970 – 97”

However, he published also “External Negotiations on Macroeconomic Policy Reform and Financing: The Role of Economic Researchers — The Case of Ghana

“Monetary Union and A Single Currency Within ECOWAS: How Feasible?”

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In addition, “The Case for Deregulation of the Petroleum Sector in Ghana”, Mimeo, March 2005.

“The Macroeconomics of Rapid and Sustainable Growth”

He also published on, “Some Perspectives on Macroeconomic Developments in Ghana in the Nineties”

Dr. Kwakye Biography

Moreover, “Ensuring a More Effective Monetary Policy Through Separation of Open Market Operations and Government Debt Management”

“Procedures for Developing a Book Entry System for Treasury Bills”

He also published “Monetary and Financial Developments” .

Also, “Monetary Policy in the Context of Structural Adjustment: The Ghanaian Experience”

However, he also published “Inflation Management by Bank of Ghana: the Strategies, the Difficulties, and the Way Forward, Inflation Management Round-table”

He further published “Elasticity Pessimism or Devaluation Pessimism?: the case of Ghana”

Similarly, he also pubshed “A Framework for Open Market Operations”

“Inflationary Trends and Control in Ghana”

He similarly published, “IMF Stabilization Programmes and Developing Countries: A Case Study of Ghana”

Finally, he also published on “An Econometric Analysis of Price Behavior in Ghana”

What Is Dr. J.K. Kwakye’s Worth?

As at the time this article was published, Dr. Kwakye net worth is known.

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