Dwight Petten Cause of Death
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Mr. Dwight Petten, a stalwart of the fishing community in Port De Grave and throughout Newfoundland, has died.

Today is a sad day for the residents of Port De Grave and Newfoundland. Dwight Petten, a fishing industry mainstay, has died.

Dwight Petten, a Port de Grave fisherman with four fishing boats, died abruptly Friday at 11:08 p.m., surrounded by his loving family.

He went away at the age of 56. Dwight was described by everyone who knew him as a young fisherman, businessman, family man, and friend.

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Dwight Petten Cause of Death: How Did Dwight Petten Die?

Dwight was well-known in the fishing sector, having been a fisherman his entire life. His death cause was not reported. His death, on the other hand, has devastated and surprised the Port De Grave and Newfoundland fishing communities. Dwight wasn’t just a man of the sea, despite his aptitude at it. Throughout his life, his faith in God was unwavering.

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We would like to express our heartfelt sympathies to the family of the late Dwight Petten on behalf of our board of directors. Please know that you have our heartfelt sympathies and support. In this difficult time, I wish you peace, comfort, and bravery. In this terrible time, our hearts go out to you. We wish you the best and assure you that you have our full support.

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