Eddys Pizza, Branches and Contact Numbers

When it comes to popular pizza joints in Ghana, Eddys Pizza should not be overlooked. Edwin and Edward founded Eddys Pizza in Accra after realizing that Ghana lacked a notable pizza outlet.

Eddys Pizza is well-known for its delicious taste! Eddys Pizza’s pizzas and side menus are made entirely of fresh vegetables, lean meats, and low-fat cheese. Unstoppable! I suppose.

The first Eddys Pizza Ringroad location was opened. It quickly became the most outstanding branch in Accra, always boasting tasty pizza varieties ranging from the mouthwatering Eddys Pizza Meatlovers, the famous supreme pizza, and the incredible Ten Topping Pizza. Eddy’s Pizza does not disappoint!

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Eddys Pizza currently has ten locations in Accra and its surrounding areas. So, whenever you want to taste good and delicious pizza recipes, Eddys Pizza is the best.

On Tuesdays and Wednesdays, Eddys Pizza has an interesting promotion called the Eddys Pizza Buy and Get One Free Promo, which allows customers to order pizza and get one free or buy at half price. Every day, they come up with new and exciting promotions to suit the tastes of their customers. The Eddys Pizza menu includes pizzas, drinks, smoothies, and other items, with prices varying by location.

Eddys Pizza, Branches, and Contact Numbers

Below are Eddys Pizza, Branches and  contacts numbers;

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Eddys Pizza, Accra Mall

O30 2790520
027 1113397
Email:[email protected]

Eddys Pizza, Achimota

O30 2440677
057 6133397
Email:[email protected]

Eddys Pizza, Frafraha

O57 4133397
Email:[email protected]

Eddys Pizza, Kwabenya

057 1233397
030 2548447
Email:[email protected]

Eddys Pizza, Tema

O30 3319375
023 5133397
Email:[email protected]

Eddys Pizza, Ashaiman

057 3133397
Email:[email protected]

Eddys Pizza, Lagos Avenue

O30 2543615
023 4133397
Email:[email protected]

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Eddys Pizza, Weija

O30 2855005
027 0133397
Email:[email protected]

Eddys Pizza, A&C Mall

030 2554200
027 9113397
Email:[email protected]

Eddys Pizza, Dansoman

O57 9133397
Email:[email protected]


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