Explore Ghana Media Launches ‘Safety-Office’, A Program To Help Young Entrepreneurs And CEOs Gain Recognition


Explore Ghana Media, (a Media/News Company) together with its affiliates has launched a marketing program titled ‘Safety Office’. There are a lot of young ladies and gents who have extravagant ideas, therefore have launched small businesses for themselves in various vectors. We believe in the quote that says that establishing a money management system in your younger stages is the very best key to securing your future.

Although these people are working tirelessly in turning their ideas into reality, they lack media presence, and that’s exactly what Safety Office is here to do.

As a young CEO or business idealist, Safety Office will publish your handy works on various social media platforms as they market your business to the general public.

Also, you get a chance to be featured on Explore Ghana’s official website as a Safety Office applicant.

After all, the company will be picking up the top 50 young CEOs And Entrepreneurs as they receive a special deal.

Registration will be opened to all various sectors very soon.


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