Far From Home Netflix Cast

Far From Home Netflix Cast. Inkblot Studios carefully selected the cast after a series of auditions. To ensure that the cast of Nigeria’s first Netflix young adult show was flawless.

We dare to say they succeeded in selecting a truly talented and beautiful cast who will undoubtedly do the show justice. Let’s get to know the Far From Home cast.

Far From Home Netflix Cast

Far From Home Netflix Cast

Below are the cast of Far From Home Netflix ;

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Ishayo Bello Real Name Mike Afolarin

Bello, Ishayo’s real Name Mike Afolarin plays Ishaya Bello, a charismatic teenager and talented artist from a poor family whose dreams are suddenly realized when he receives a prestigious scholarship to the country’s most exclusive school, Wilmer Academy, catapulting him into the affluent world of Nigeria’s elite.

Carmen Real Name Elma Mbadiwe

Carmen Wilmer-Willoughby is the daughter of Feyi and Mabel Wilmer-Willoughby. She appears to be a mean girl on the outside, but she is a softie on the inside. She is a significant figure and a Cast of Far From Home Netflix.

Ozinna Real Name Genoveva Umeh

Zina, a Far From Home Cast, is a close friend of Ishaya and Frank. Zina is the type of person who would give everything for her friends.

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“Government“ Real Name Bucci Frankin

Government is a Far From Home Cast member who has earned his name because of his power to lord over others. He is a shady nightclub owner who makes Ishaya sell drugs for him after Ishaya stole from him.

Patricia Real Name Funke Akindele

Patricia is a cast of Far From home who serves as Ishaya and Rahila’s mum. She doesn’t think Ishaya can make it to Wilmer academy.

Atlas Real Name Olumide Oworu

Atlas is Carmen’s boyfriend. He is also a talented artist and he has a never-ending rivalry with Ishaya. He is a major Netflix Far From Home cast and he highly contributes to the plot

Frank Real Name Emeka Nwagbaraocha

Frank is close friends with Zina and Ishaya.

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Adufe Real Name Gbubemi Ejeye

Adufe is a cast of Far From Home series but is not a student of Wilmer Academy. Meanwhile, she has close relations with the students of Wilmer Academy.

Mabel Real Name Bimbo Akintola

Bimbo Akintola is a major Far From Home cast and co-owner of Wilmer Academy. She is also the mother of Carmen. She is stuck up and looks down on people who are not in the same economic class as her.

Feyi Wilmer-Willoughby Real Name Richard Mofe-Damijo

He is the co-owner of Wilmer Academy and the father of Carmen.

Ms. Irurhe Real Name Adesua Etomi-Wellington

Adesua Etomi is a major Netflix Far From Home cast as an art teacher at Wilmer Academy.

Rahila Real Name Tomi Ojo

Rahila is Ishaya’s sister in the Netflix Far From Home movie.


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