Final Year Student Of Valley View University, Benedicta Attah Korletey Invents Automated Smart Dustbin
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Benedicta Attah Korletey, A final year student of the Valley View Universityand a teacher at the Salvation Army 2 Basic school in the Ga Central District has invented an automated Smart Dustbin

This comes after she emerged the 1st Runner Up in the Technology Innovation Challenge held by Valley View University under the theme “Solving Global Problems Using Technology” few days ago.

The smart dustbin by Benedicta Korletey is a carefully designed solution that solves the social issue of waste disposal, the smart dustbin identifies the kind of material being thrown inside it and segregates it into bio or non biodegradable.

The dustbin also comes with an option to provide signal as an incentive of throwing garbage. It features include an automated option, meaning it opens automatically when you get close, dump in it and it indicates when it’s full so not to allow more overflow of waste materials as well as it send SMS to the waste management when it’s full and need to be disposed of

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In addition, Benedicta Attah’s dustbin opens automatically when it receives the signal and closes its hatch. Also the dustbin consists of a level sensing ultrasonic sensor that constantly measures the level of garbage in the bin and automatically detects if it is about to fill up.

The dustbin also consist of a smart circuitry that transmits this information over the web to signal the main garbage collector of the facility to empty the particular garbage bin.

Benedicta used IOTgecko to develop the online web part for the iot system.

This bin is of a vast usage in offices, homes and even in public places for garbage management thus to get a fully automated smart dustbin that allows for automated garbage cleaning.

With increase in population, we have an increase in the garbage around urban areas.

This the motivation that pushed Benedicta to develop the smart dustbin that operates automatically to help solve this issue using IOT and sensor based circuitry.

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Final Year Student Of Valley View University, Benedicta Attah Korletey Invents Automated Smart Dustbin
Benedicta Attah Korletey Inverts Automated Smart Dustbin

Usual dustbins require to be opened by pressing foot against its lever and then throwing garbage. Also a person needs to keep track when it is full so that it can be emptied and does not overflow.

Here she propose a smart dustbin that does all this by itself. Our system consists of a sensor in order to detect human clap signal and on a clap of foot tap it opens automatically without anyone needing to press its lever.

Ghana really need technology and innovations. Sanitation management in Ghana really needs this.

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