Four(4) sanctions imposed on Russia after attacking Ukraine


It’s less 48 hours since Russia attacked Ukraine, but their actions has made other European countries come together with their decision.

Due to the latest happening Uefa is also considering taking the champions league final hosting right from Petersburg.

Aside that Russia has been given 4 sanctions and below are them;

The EU has promised to restrict Russian access to capital markets and cut off its industry from latest technology. It has already imposed sanctions on 351 MPs who backed Russia’s recognition of the rebel-held regions

Germany has halted approval on Russia’s Nord 2 Stream pipeline , a major investment by both Russia and European companies

The US says it will cut off Russia’s government from Western financial institutions and target high-ranking “elites”

The UK says all major Russian banks would have their assets frozen, with 100 individuals and entities targeted; and Russia’s national airline Aeroflot will also be banned from landing in the UK.


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