Frank Boulineau Net Worth 2023

Frank Boulineau is the man behind the Boulineau’s grocery stores in North Myrtle Beach’s Cherry Grove neighborhood. With an estimated net worth of $60 million, he is one of the wealthiest businessmen in the state. He is commonly referred to as the ‘Grocery King’ of South Carolina.

The Boulineau family has been in the grocery business since the 1940s. Frank Boulineau’s father opened the first store near Myrtle Beach in the late 1950s. Frank soon joined the business and expanded it to Sea Island, Kiawah Island, and Pawleys Island as well.

Throughout the years, Boulineau’s has become an administrative body in the same way Macy’s is in the northeast. Boulineau owns 14 retail locations, which employ almost a thousand people. They have locations from the beaches to interior towns. The locations have changed to adapt to population growth and changes, with some locations being sold and others added.

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Frank Boulineau has made an impressive fortune from the success of Boulineau’s grocery stores. He is typically the first one at the store in the morning and the last one to leave at night. He has his hand in every aspect of the business, from stocking shelves to hiring new employees to marketing the stores. Because of his hard work, Boulineau’s stores have managed to remain competitive in an increasingly tight market.

Apart from his business endeavors, Frank also enjoys adding to his smart investments portfolio and he is a collector of classic cars, which he keeps in an impressive collection. He is an active philanthropist and regularly donates to charities across South Carolina. He is also an avid collegiate sports fan and frequently watches USC events.

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Frank Boulineau’s commitment and dedication to the service of South Carolina customers has made him the ‘Grocery King.’ His net worth is a remarkable testament to how far he has come since opening his first store. This is a testament to his ability to recognize opportunities, while always remaining focused on delivering great service to customers. Frank Boulineau is truly a remarkable

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