Frank R. James: Why Is He The Prime Suspect In Brooklyn Shooting?

Frank R. James, a 62-year-old man, has been connected to the recent subway train shootings in Brooklyn. Officials have not ruled out the possibility that the incident was a terrorist attack. James, the alleged gunman, opened fire on a crowded metro train while wearing a gas mask and a construction vest, injuring at least ten people at random.

The New York Police Department announced on April 12 that he had been recognized as a suspect and that they would be on his track from now on. Officials indicated during the news conference that James had ties to both Wisconsin and Philadelphia. James allegedly made questionable comments about Mayor Eric Adams on social media, causing the agency to step up the mayor’s security detail.

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A Glock 17 pistol, three extended magazines for the firearm, a hatchet, gas canisters, and the key to a U-Haul vehicle were located at the scene. Officers then traced the key to the vehicle that James had rented in Philadelphia, and the case was closed.

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