Freezy MacBones age: How Old Is Freezy MacBones?
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Freezy Macbones, who grew up in the small Ghanaian community of Bimma, made the risky decision to emigrate to the UK in 2012 in search of a better life and more favorable career prospects for his family.

Freezy has always been passionate about boxing; as a young child, he remembers walking miles through a forest to see a Mike Tyson fight in the nearby hamlet since it had power. Freezy

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Freezy’s beginnings were not good; he was let down by a few people and ended up sleeping on the streets for two to three weeks.

But he wasn’t going to give up on his pursuit of a better and more satisfying life since he is a determined person.

Despite his early losses and even a brief period of homelessness, Freezy never lost sight of his ambition to improve his life via boxing.

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While training, he held down two jobs and ran from Oakhill Road to Wimbledon while wearing his boxing gear.

Freezy MacBones Age: How Old Is Freezy MacBones?

The exact age of Freezy MacBones is not known. However, he is believed to be in his 30s.

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