Frene Ginwala Biography, Wikipedia, Age, Cause Of Death, Net Worth, Husband, Children, Family
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Frene Ginwala Biography, Wikipedia, Age, Cause Of Death, Net Worth, Husband, Children, Family. Frene Ginwala, the first speaker of South Africa’s first democratic parliament, died two weeks after having a stroke.

Ginwala, a long-standing veteran of the anti-apartheid struggle, died on Tuesday night at her home, the president confirmed on Friday.

Frene Ginwala Biography, Wikipedia, Age

Frene Noshir Ginwala (25 April 1932) was a South African journalist and politician who served as the first Speaker of the South African National Assembly from 1994 to 2004. She was a key figure in creating democracy in South Africa and was influential in the formulation of the South African Constitution.

Ginwala was an Indian South African from western India’s Parsi-Indian community. Ginwala has published several books about various facets of the fight against injustice. She has received recognition from worldwide and local organizations and governments for her work.

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She played a significant part in organizing subterranean escape routes for ANC (African National Congress) members in the period following the Sharpeville massacre and the creation of the State of Emergency (SOE) in 1960, using her anonymity.

Among them were ANC Deputy President Oliver Tambo and liberation struggle activists Yusuf Dadoo. She also set up safe shelters for people who needed to stay in the country. Ginwala also drove NIC (Natal Indian Congress) leaders Monty Naicker and J. N. Singh, who were operating from the subway after evading the police.

She eventually had to leave South Africa in the late 1960s, and she and Tambo and Dadoo created an exile ANC headquarters in Dar es Salaam, Tanganyika, which was still under British Colonial Administration until 9 December 1961.

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The fall of the Zanzibar administration in 1963 cleared the ground for the establishment of the United Republic of Tanzania in 1964. Aside from the ANC, she immersed herself in a wide range of activities. She lectured to trainee diplomats at Oxford University, where she was doing her PhD, and she wrote for a number of established media sites in the UK and overseas, including the BBC.

Frene Ginwala was crucial in building a communications system in the newly formed United Republic of Tanzania. She took over as managing editor of the English-language daily newspaper Standard and Sunday News at the invitation of President Julius Nyerere.

Throughout her exile (she returned to South Africa in 1991), she traveled the world speaking about the atrocities of apartheid and the battle against it. Ginwala holds academic credentials from numerous African and international universities. She was a lawyer, a historian, a political scientist, and she earned a doctorate in philosophy from Oxford University’s Linacre College.

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Frene Ginwala Cause Of Death

How did Frene Ginwala die? Frene Ginwala died on January 12, 2023, as a result of complications following a stroke two weeks earlier.

Frene Ginwala net worth

How much is Frene Ginwala worth? Frene Ginwala net worth is estimated to be $1 Million as of the time of her death.

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