Friends of lady who died from plastic surgery share video of doctor allegedly behind surgery process being confronted (WATCH)
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Friends of Christabel, the Port Harcourt lady who died as a result of plastic surgery, have shared videos of the doctor allegedly behind the procedure being confronted. It was previously reported that Christabel died at a clinic in Lagos a few days ago — Christabel’s Twitter friend revealed that before her death, she’d complained to the clinic that performed her surgery that she was experiencing bleeding after the surgery.

According to the friend, the clinic told Christabel that the bleeding was normal after surgery and that it would stop eventually. Unfortunately, it did not, and the consequences were fatal. After friends didn’t hear from Christabel for several days, they took her to the hospital where she had surgery, and the hospital allegedly gave them a letter indicating that her body had been deposited at the morgue. Another of Christabel’s friends also shared a video of the alleged surgeon, who was confronted with the caption “Wicked goat, look at the doctor, he took my friend’s life.”

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