George Shapiro Wife
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Is George Shapiro married? Yes, George once married Diane Barnett but George Shapiro’s Wife died of breast cancer in 2005. The death of George who was a talent manager and producer has been trending since it was reported.

George Shapiro died on 26th May 2022 in his home in Beverly Hills. He died at the age of 91 and left behind his daughter Stefanie Shapiro and five grandchildren called, Adam Shapiro, Nathan Fuentes, Audrey Fuentes, Skylar Shapiro, and Alana Shapiro.

Who was George Shapiro Wife Diane Barnett?

Is George Shapiro married? George Shapiro has been married twice that’s to Melody Shapiro his first wife and Diane Barnett his second wife. George Shapiro Wife Diane Barnett is an actress who has starred in movies and comedy shows. In 1983, George Shapiro married his wife Diane Barnett.

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She appeared in the films Summer School, Summer Rental, and Comedian. Her birthplace is Brooklyn, New York. At Shapiro/West & Associates, she also worked as a personal manager. She worked with many celebrities, including Jerry Seinfeld, Carl Reiner, Bill Lawrence, Robert Wuhl, Megyn Price, and others.

Unfortunately, she is no longer with us; she died in 2005 at the age of 57 from breast cancer. George, the talent manager, appears to have been married twice. Melody Shapiro, his first wife, appears to be still alive and well. However, information about her is rarely available on the internet. However, according to some sources, Shapiro was survived by his children’s mother that is Melody Shapiro.

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George Shapiro children

George Shapiro children are 3 in number, and they are all children of his first wife Melody Shapiro. Their names are; Danny Shapiro, Carrie Shapiro, and Stefanie Shapiro. They had one son and two daughters, and two of them are married and have families now. The grandchildren of George Shapiro are; Adam Shapiro, Nathan Fuentes, Audrey Fuentes, Skylar Shapiro, and Alana Shapiro.

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