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Georgia Holt Cause of death, Bio, Age, Husband, Children, Net Worth, Parents


Georgia Holt Cause of death, Bio, Age, Husband, Children, Net Worth, Parents. Georgia Holt was a well-known American singer-songwriter, actress, and model, best known as Cher’s mother. Georgia Holt died at the age of 96, according to her daughter Cher.

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Georgia Holt Cause of death

Georgia Holt passed away on December 10th, 2022. She was born in Kensett, Arkansas, in the United States of America, on June 9, 1926.

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Cher, Holt’s daughter, announced her mother’s death on Twitter.

“Mom is gone.” The replies came swift and filled with condolences, with one writing, “My heart goes out to you,’ and another sharing, “Georgia is at peace now.”

Georgia Holt Husband

Georgia Holt was married seven times to seven different men. John Paul Sarkisian, Chris Alcaide, John Southall, Joseph Harper Collins, Gilbert Hartmann LaPiere, John Paul Sarkisian, and Hamilton T Holt were among her husbands.

Georgia Holt Children

Georgia Holt leaves behind two children, Cher and Georganne LaPiere.

Georgia Holt Net Worth

Georgia Holt had a net worth of $5 million at the time of her death.

Georgia Holt’s Parents

Georgia Holt’s parents are Roy Malloy Crouch and Lynda Inez Gulley.

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