Ghana To Import Eggs For Local Consumption As Poultry Farmers Cry Over The Collapse In Industry
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According to the Poultry Farmers Association, Ghana’s poultry farming industry is in danger of collapsing as a result of the country’s exorbitant feed prices and other factors. There are also signs that Ghana may soon import eggs for domestic consumption.

The association claims that the industry’s demise is primarily due to the shortage and high price of chicken feed, such as maize and soy beans.

President of the Poultry Farmers Association, Mr. Victor Oppong Adjei revealed this  on Kumasi-based Oyerepa Fm by saying;

“As I speak, a lot of poultry farming companies have collapsed and workers have also been laid off. Virtually, poultry farming in the country is collapsed, it is at the emergency ward and in a bad condition”.

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Additionally, Mr. Adjei asserted that association members are currently experiencing difficulties. It is difficult for farmers since there is no harmony in the poultry farming sector.

The union added cautioned that if the government does nothing, it’s possible that the nation could be forced to import eggs for domestic consumption.

“If nothing is done to boost the industry, the end result will be that the country would have to import even eggs for local consumption” he revealed adding that the industry alone has the capacity of creating a million job opportunities if attended to.

The farmers stressed that getting poultry feed for their fowls has become very difficult and expensive.

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“Maize and soya bean which are the main source for poultry feed have become scarce and very expensive with prices increasing by more than 300% within a period of few months”, Mr. Victor Adjei said.

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