Ghanaian LGBT community living in UK, storm high commission to push their agenda


It seems that the Ghanaian LGBT society isn’t stopping their fight to kill Ghana’s anti-LGBT bill instigated by Honorable Sam George. Yesterday, they took their crusade to a distinct level after they boldly stormed Ghana’s High Commission in the United Kingdom with Adowa and Kete dance ensembles.

Possibly they wanted the councils to know that Indeed they are from Ghana. As they played the Kete and Adowa drums, they kept Shouting “Ghanian LGBT lives matter” “Kill the Bill now because we come in Peace”.

Submitting their mission, one of their lead advocates Mr. Alexander Adu Gyamfi who is also married to his fellow man in the UK grabbed the microphone.

According to him, they are pleading with President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo Addo not to support the bill.

” When you came to the United Kingdom, you were very pleased with the system. No hate or whatsoever. That is what we want Ghana to be” Mr. Alexander Adu Gyamfi said.

The crowd stood on the streets for several hours as they waved placards and danced to the Adowa and Kete tunes.

Too many so-called Bible believers today are supporting the LGBT Pride movement. They have allowed their minds and morality to trump the mind of God and the morals laid out throughout His Word. But I’m here to give all of you sleeping Christians and God-fearing Jews a wake-up call. I want you to seriously think about this. What other sin, mentioned in God’s Word, is celebrated by our society?

Is blasphemy celebrated? What about dishonoring parents? Theft? Murder? Coveting? Lust? Adultery? Gossip? Lying? Drunkenness? The answer is NO to all the above. Not one of these sins is celebrated in our society, because they are recognized for what they are: SIN.

Why is homosexuality treated differently from all other sins mentioned in the Bible? I am pretty sure there are far more liars, gossipers, drunkards, adulterers, and thieves in the world than homosexuals. Why not celebrate them?

What exactly are gays so “proud” of in the first place? Have any of you ever pondered that? Are they proud of being what the LORD dubs “a sinner”? It sure seems like it. They don’t want to repent of an abominable lifestyle, because they don’t see anything wrong with it.

They could care less what Almighty God thinks. They believe that He needs to “get with the times,” because they refuse to change their ways. Sodom and Gomorrah had thought the same way. How did they turn out?

Watch them in the link below.

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