Ghanaians angry over Meek Mill’s music video shot at Jubilee House
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Meek Mill, a well-known American rapper, announced the debut of a new song on Instagram late Sunday, January 8, 2023. During his visit, parts of the video were revealed in and around the Jubilee House.

Meek Mill can be seen rapping in several locations throughout the presidency, including the facade, main corridors, the main conference hall (at a point behind the presidential pulpit), and afterward in a sitting area.

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Over the Christmas holidays, the American rapper performed at the Afro Nation festival in Ghana. A tough riding power bike session, accusations of his phone being pickpocketed at an event, battling off hoodlums before getting on stage to play, and meeting with the president at Jubilee House were some of the big highlights of his trip in Ghana.

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Conversely, Ghanaians are outraged by portions of the music video taken at the Jubilee House.
The majority of them resorted to social media to vent their frustrations.

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