Glory Elijah Biography, Wikipedia, Age, Story, Net Worth, Family

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Glory Elijah Biography, Wikipedia, Age, Story, Net Worth, Family.Glory Elijah is a popular YouTuber whose ‘Frankly Speaking’ chat show is one of the continent’s most-watched reality review shows. ROTIMI IGE, known for her season assessments of the enormously popular Big Brother franchise, spoke with her about her journey into media, her show, content development, and other topics.

I am a digital content developer who enjoys starting dialogues about TV, movies, and social media material through commentaries, reviews, and analyses of reality TV series, movies, and current events. I am a graduate of English language and literature, a certification holder in Mass Communication, and a qualified advertising and branding specialist whose flexibility is fully displayed on my YouTube channel, ‘Frankly Speaking with Glory Elijah’.

Glory Elijah Age: How old is Glory Elijah?

Glory Elijah is in her 20s age.

Tell us about your Youtube review show.

‘Frankly Speaking with Glory Elijah’ is the name of my YouTube channel. I call it a space for self-expression with a mission to build a community of like-minded individuals who appreciate TV and Film creativity. ‘Frankly Speaking with Glory Elijah’ blazes the trail in projecting the realities and cultural diversities portrayed in popular reality TV shows, movies and trending social issues via carefully created visual and audio content. With over 370,000 subscribers across various social media platforms, I have a massive reach of a delightfully engaging global audience from over 122 countries around the world, each with a different kind of attraction to the brand. Each and everyone of my subscribers or followers when asked, always has a personal reason for liking and engaging with my content.

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How long have you been a YouTuber and how did you grow your audience?

Frankly, it’s been a tough journey. From struggling to save up off my meagre salary from my corporate job for an android phone, a tripod and a lapel mic,  to struggling to learn the ropes of YouTube and even muster the confidence to face the camera. I took baby steps and stayed consistent, I was constantly creating videos; they weren’t perfect, but I continued regardless because I believed and still believe in organic growth and it eventually paid off in 2019 when I finally discovered my true content niche which was reviews and analyses of TV shows, movies and trending social media conversations.

What motivated you to choose that content niche?

It was the audience. So, the first time I watched a reality TV show; I had a lot to say; I mean, a truck load so I discussed it all with a friend and we bantered over it for a while. It was at a point in our conversation that this friend encouraged me to turn my analysis into my niche as I made valid points with my arguments, so I started trying out. I started with reviewing movies, then reality TV shows and then from time to time, I discuss trending social issues.

My audience helped a lot I mean; of course, there was a lot of negative and positive criticisms which I took as feedback and never really allowed the negatives to deter me but rather, I learned from them to improve my craft and it paid off. Looking back now; I’m grateful someone saw that potential and helped me identify it. Also; my audience is my biggest motivation as their constant engagement of my content keeps me on track. Knowing that I have people from all around the world who seek my opinion and gladly shares theirs on my channel and other social media spaces, is all I need to continue in this path.

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Which shows and movies have you reviewed so far?

For the reality tv shows, I regularly review the viewers favourite; Big Brother Naija, Big Brother South Africa, Nigerian Idol, Young Famous and African, The Real Housewives of Lagos, The Voice Nigeria, MTN Yellow Star, Gulder Ultimate Search, and Blue Therapy. I review these shows as they come every season. For the movies; I’ll name some of my favourites; ‘King of thieves’, ‘Ageshinkonle’ and ‘Sylvia’. They are really great movies, so I thoroughly enjoyed analysing them.

From the shows and movies you have been reviewing so far, do the producers and organisers acknowledge your work?

Good question! I think they do to be honest because in my analysis, I also offer suggestions on areas of improvement for their production, I share my audience’s feedback and most of the time, I’m amazed to see some of my suggestions and feedback applied in their shows. Those are really proud moments for me. Also, I’ve recently been getting some invitations to some of their functions, so I believe that counts for massive acknowledgements.

How did you come about the name, ‘Frankly Speaking with Glory Elijah’?

It stems from the words “frankness, honesty, bluntness, accuracy, factual”. So, I had always wanted a space where not only I but also my audience can express our thoughts and perspectives bluntly and with all frankness so ‘Frankly Speaking’ came to mind and I rode with it. The first idea for a brand name for me was ‘The Be Frank Show’ but I felt it was too bland, so I stuck with ‘Frankly Speaking’ instead. I actually love that my channel and audience live up to the name.

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Describe yourself in three words

Proactive, attentive, creative

What makes you stand out in the YouTube space?

I am the conversation starter and the pace setter in my niche.

Where do you see yourself and your brand in the next five years?

I want the world to know me. I want my brand to be recognised for what it is. I want to be an authority and a highly respectable TV show and movies critic just as we have in the football and food world. I want ‘Frankly Speaking with Glory Elijah’ to be the go-to space for recommendations, but the bigger picture is to run my own media company where I can also produce my own shows and more. Overall all, I want my impact to be felt in the entertainment industry home and abroad.

If you could change two events in your life what will they be?

The loss of my father and my elder brother. I still haven’t found closure from those loses.

Glory Elijah net worth

Glory Elijah’s net worth has yet to be determined as of the time of writing.

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