Grace Montessori Academy


Grace Montessori Academy is a non-denominational Christian Montessori school. It is also dedicated to providing your child a hands-on, independent learning environment that instills the love of learning.

About Grace Montessori Academy

Grace Montessori Academy is a Christian educational community that is nurturing. The school is a non-profit organization dedicated to educate students in kindergarten through sixth grade.

Grace Montessori Academy

The Academy program equips students with the skills they need to build self-discipline and self-esteem. To also attain academic achievement, cultivate a passion for lifelong learning. Moreover, to also discover moral and spiritual concepts, and also reach their full potential.

GMA is committed to helping children “grow in wisdom and stature before God and men”. This is by providing a Christian, caring environment in which each child is treated with compassion, honesty, and also respect.

Students will learn to care for and respect themselves, others, and the environment. This is also done through the academic and experiential learning process designed by Dr. Maria Montessori and strengthened by a Christian based basis.

Vision Statement Grace Acadamy

To develop a citizenship of innovative thinkers, lifelong learners. And also community builders who value diversity and are prepared to make the world a better place.

Mission Statement

To provide a Montessori program that educates the complete child, supporting cognitive, social. Moreover, provide emotional, physical, and spiritual growth, in order to cultivate children’s spirit and inherent love of learning.

Enrollment Recommendations

A three-year curriculum underpins the Montessori philosophy. To ensure that children gain the most benefit from a program.They also strongly advise that they join for all three years. GMA is a non-profit organization that must cover ongoing expenses based on projected tuition for the full year.

Our Lady of Grace Montessori School
Grace Montessori Academy

If the kid must be removed from school, a written notice of intent to withdraw must be sent to the school. This is to be done one month prior to the withdrawal date, or the tuition for that month will be owed.

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