Halima Abubakar Husband: Is Halima Abubakar Married?

Halima Abubakar is a well-known Nigerian actress who has established herself in the film industry. Halima Abubakar was born on June 12, 1985, in Kano state. Her parents are unknown, however, they are Kogi state residents. She is the third child in her family, and she grew up in northern Nigeria.

Halima Abubakar was born in Nigeria and will be 36 years old on June 2021. Halima Abubakar had her elementary and secondary education at Ideal Primary School in Kano, after which she attended Bayero University in Kano and earned a degree in sociology.

Halima Abubakar Profile Summary

  • Full name: Halima Abubakar
  • Date of birth: 12 June, 1985
  • Age: 37 years old in 2022
  • Place of birth: Kano State
  • State of Origin: Kogi State
  • Nationality: Nigerian
  • Children: 1
  • Profession: Actress, entrepreneur
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Halima Abubakar entered the Nigerian film business in 2001 and began attending auditions the following year. She eventually received her first role, which was a minor part in the film “Rejected.” Despite the fact that it was a minor role, it helped her obtain her first major role in the film “Gangster Paradise,” which catapulted her to fame.

Halima Abubakar has remained in the spotlight ever since, appearing in over 100 films. See below for a list of films in which she has appeared.

  • Slip of Fate
  • Tears of a Child
  • Secret Shadows
  • Gangster Paradise
  • Area Mama
  • Men in Love (film)
  • Love Castle
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Halima Abubakar, who made her starring debut in the film Mistresses, is also an executive producer. Halima Abubakar is also involved in the music industry, as she owns Morehouse Entertainment, a music label and talent management company. The Kano-born actress also runs an NGO called ‘Halima Abubakar Foundation for the Poor,’ which focuses on feeding the hungry.

Halima Abubakar Husband: Is Halima Abubakar Married?

Halima Abubakar has a handsome man in her life however has not disclosed her identity yet online. Halima Abubakar has a child with her man who many believe to be her husband.

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