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Hamish Kilgour Wife: Was Hamish Kilgour Married?


Hamish Kilgour, the co-founder of The Clean, died at the age of 65. Hamish Kilgour was a New Zealand musician who, along with his brother David, co-founded the indie rock band The Clean in 1978.

In 2017, Hamish Kilgour was inducted into the New Zealand Music Hall of Fame. Hamish Kilgour had gone missing after being last seen on November 27 at Christchurch’s The Palms shopping center.

Hamish Kilgour passed away after going missing in November. He died at the age of 65, but his cause of death has yet to be revealed.

In a statement shared with Pitchfork, the Clean’s U.S. label, Merge Records, said:

“With very heavy hearts, we can confirm that Hamish Kilgour has passed away in his home country of New Zealand.

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As a founding member of the Clean, with his brother, David, and Robert Scott, Hamish produced one of the most important and timeless bodies of work in rock music. As a drummer, Hamish had a propulsive, instantly recognizable style and an understated power; he was a joy to watch play. Hamish was one of the most colorful and creative musicians we have been lucky to work with, both as a singer, guitarist, and songwriter with the group he started with Lisa Siegel, the Mad Scene, and, of course, with the Clean. Hamish was also an accomplished visual artist, and his fantastical drawings adorn many record sleeves.

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We feel lucky to have known him. Our thoughts are with his family and his fellow members of the New Zealand music community. Safe travels, Hamish.”

In an additional statement, Ben Goldberg, co-founder of Ba Da Bing! Records, which released Kilgour’s solo music, said: “Hamish was inscrutable in his kindness, his love of music, and his politics. Even at his lowest moments, he never lost sight of his ideals. You can hear his heart in every beat, strum, and syllable he made.”

Hamish Kilgour Wife: Was Hamish Kilgour Married?

Hamish Kilgour was married when he died. He was married to a woman named Lisa Siege. Unfortunately, not much is known about Lisa Siege.

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