Harmattan Season In Ghana - How to Survive It
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What Is Harmattan In Ghana? Harmattan is a dry, dusty trade wind of the Sahara that blows from the northeast and is most common in the winter. It is known as “the father of dust” and has a reputation for bringing about long periods of drought.

The Harmattan season starts around November and lasts until February. People often speak about the Harmattan as if it were a person or entity with some kind of life force or personality.

Harmattan Season In Ghana - How to Survive It
Harmattan Season In Ghana

How to Survive the Harmattan Season in Ghana

How do I prepare for Harmattan? There are many methods to survive during harmattan in Ghana and below are some of the ways;

Harmattan Season In Ghana - How to Survive It
Harmattan Season In Ghana

Drink a lot of water

The harmattan is a dry and windy season in West Africa. It causes many people to sweat less, so they need to drink more water than usual. Eating fruit is also recommended since it contains water and can help you feel full longer. Drinking water regularly will keep your skin smooth (no cracked or flaky skin) and reduce stress.

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Take Vitamin C

Harmattan mornings have a low range of 9°C (48°F) but can get as low as 4°C (39°F). Afternoons see temperatures rise to a high of 30°C (86°F). The relative humidity decreases. There’s a chance to contract flu because of the combination of dust and undulating temperatures

Dress for harmattan And Fend off cracked lips

The harmattan season is known for drying out chapped lips. Buy shea butter, almond oil, and anything Vitamin E-based to prevent dry lips. You can try the easy Ghanaian homemade method of leaving thin slices of cucumber over your lips for five minutes. Always wear a pair of jeans and layer a T-shirt under a sweater and don’t forget your dust-resistant glasses.

The harmattan is a dry wind that blows from the Sahara Desert and causes poor air quality in Ghana. Harmattan affects people with asthma the most, so they should carry inhalers and avoid being outside when the weather is dry.

Be careful with fires

In Ghana, vegetation and shrublands tend to spread bush fires. The dry season is especially hard on the northern regions of Ghana which makes it difficult to control the spread of fire. Fire belts are set up as part of a national climate change plan to prevent the destruction of foliage.

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Wear Protective Hairstyle

For Ghanaian females who mostly have 4c hair, harmattan can be terrible for the tips. It can cause dry tips and hair breakage. Wear hairstyles that keep your ends hidden such as braids, tie scarves and keep hair moisturized.

Is Harmattan same as winter?

The harmattan season differs from winter because Harmattan is a dry, dusty trade wind that blows from the Sahara across the Mediterranean Sea. It often brings with it dust storms to North Africa, Southern Europe, and Central Asia. Harmattan is known for causing respiratory problems and eye irritation. The harmattan has been linked to episodic climate changes in West Africa.

Harmattan occurs in the winter months in the Southern Hemisphere, typically November through March.

How does harmattan occur in Ghana?

In Ghana, the Harmattan wind blows from the Sahara in November to March. Some of the dust is trapped in vegetation, lakes, and inland waters; some remains on the bare land.

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