Hotel Room Used By Angentina Footballer, Lionel Messi In Qatar To Be Turned Into A Museum

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Weeks after the 2022 World Cup was completed, Qatar University revealed that Argentina captain and World Cup winner Lionel Messi‘s hotel room would be converted into a tiny museum.

The hotel room Messi later shared with his old friend and teammate Sergio Aguero near the end of Argentina’s victorious World Cup campaign, according to Qatari news agency (QNA), will no longer accept guests.

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Some of Messi’s belongings will be added to the little museum, which will be open to students and other visitors. According to Hitmi al Hitmi, Director of Communications and Public Relations at Qatar University,

The room of Argentina national team player Lionel Messi will remain unchanged and will remain available only for visitors and not for residence.

“Messi’s belongings and will be a legacy for students and future generations and a witness to the great achievements Messi has reached during the World Cup.”

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