House Of The Dragon Star Paddy Considine Accidentally Left Top Secret Scripts In A Hotel Bin

Paddy Considine put himself in a lot of trouble when he unintentionally left a top-secret script in hotel garbage. Paddy, 48, gambled it all by leaving his script in a trash can for whoever could have found it in order to land King Viserys in the next Game of Thrones prequel, which may be the most high-profile role of his acting career.

Paddy admitted that after learning his lines for the upcoming George RR Martin adaptation, he accidentally threw a few scripts into a hotel trash can, but he kept silent about it. It is commonly known that the producers of drama shows are quite rigorous about how their scripts are handled, to the point that paper scripts are outright forbidden.

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“They’ve gone now. I didn’t alert anybody. I thought it’s gonna cause too much trouble. But nothing got out. I’m good at keeping secrets, except for when I leave scripts in bins,” Paddy told to

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