How Best to Maintain Soccer Cleats


In every profession, some tools make workers execute tasks in a better way. The soccer cleat is one of the most important tools used in the game of soccer.

Besides making soccer players comfortable on the pitch, good cleats make them confident. Therefore, it is important to take care of and maintain a soccer cleat. 

Some of the best ways to maintain soccer cleats are highlighted below.

Be Conscious of Surface

This may be a straightforward way to maintain soccer cleats, but it is very important. 

Most soccer cleats are meant for grass surfaces. Hence, it is important that soccer cleats are worn on the pitch and removed as soon as a match is over. 

Having your soccer cleats on when on hard surfaces could make it wear and tear.

Remove Muds on Soccer Cleats

Although it is important to use soccer cleats on grass, there are several downsides to it. 

Most times, muds and grass particles stay glued to the bottom of the soccer cleat after practice or a match. So, to maintain the soccer cleat, those muds must be removed. 

This removal may be immediately after leaving the pitch or much later. However, it is better to remove the mud immediately after leaving the pitch. 

At this time, it is easier to remove because it is fresh. If left for a longer period, application of force may be necessary. This may consume lots of time and energy and may result in damage to the soccer cleat.

Do Not Submerge in Water

Soccer cleats are not sneakers: they should not be submerged in water. 

After use, there are high possibilities that the soccer cleat will be stained; whether the body or the bottom. As a result, owners may be tempted to submerge the soccer cleat into water.

Instead, the lace should be removed and washed individually with soap and water.  

Thereafter, the body should be cleaned with a towel, mildly soaked with warm water. 

The same process can be repeated to clean the bottom but only when the muds must have been removed with a toothbrush or stick. 

Expose Soccer Cleats to Air 

The importance of exposing footwear to the air cannot be overemphasized. Soccer cleats are no exemption to this. 

After use, it is important that soccer cleats are exposed to air. When soccer cleats are worn for long, when removed, there is an unpleasant smell that may ensue.

Oftentimes, people tend to expose their soccer cleats to direct sunlight or heat just after use. 

However, the best practice is to expose soccer cleats to air. Preferably, it should be placed in an area with mild/gentle air until it dries off. 

The Use of Polish on Soccer Cleats

If your soccer cleat is made of leather, it is important to prevent it from drying up. When soccer cleats dry up, the body tends to crack. This is why it is important to apply some polish to it. 

Several items are used to polish soccer cleats. This includes Vaseline, Olive oil, and leather conditioners.

Get More Than One Soccer Cleat 

A soccer cleat worn continuously may wear and tear quickly, regardless of the care given to it. Unlike regular footwear that user’s thread gently with. 

The soccer cleat for sporting activities is used otherwise. On the pitch, soccer players engage in strong tackles, run frequently, and kick the ball with force, amongst other activities.

As a result, it is important that an alternative soccer cleat is made available for use always. This will increase the lifespan and reduce the tendency of it to wear and tear quickly.

Final Thought

To help you make a sound decision as to your soccer cleats, Soofootball put together a comprehensive guide on everything you need to know about Soccer Cleats.

Soccer cleats are to soccer players what farming tools are to farmers. It is no wonder that cleats brands such as Adidas and Puma are continuously innovating better soccer cleats for footballers. 

One of Adidas innovative soccer cleats, Nemeziz Messi.1, also known as Rey del Balon was introduced to improve players balance while on high speed. 

This innovation underlines the importance of soccer cleats to a footballer’s performance. Therefore, it is important to maintain them by following the procedures highlighted above.


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