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How Habiba Sinare and Majid Waris’ Marriage Ended After 11 months


Majid Waris, a professional football player, and Habiba Sinare’s failed marriage has resurfaced after the estranged ex-wife attacked her ex-tribe husbands and people of Northern descent.

New information is emerging about mutual alleged infidelity on the part of both husband and wife during the marriage’s one-year duration.

Majeed Waris, a former Porto, FC Nantes, and Black Stars striker, quietly divorced Habiba Sinare, but she made the news public, and he responded.

According to sources, the Ghana striker filed for divorce because his wife was denying him access to his son, as well as allegations that she was cheating on him while he was away.

Waris, who was on a season-long loan from FC Port at the time, married Habiba in April 2017 and had two children by late 2018. The marriage was nearly over. Their marriage was on the verge of disintegration at the time, as the couple had been separated for about three months.

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A few months later, Majeed Waris allegedly accused Habiba of infidelity and expressed doubts about the paternity of his firstborn on his Instagram page. Majeed, on the other hand, claimed he was the victim of an account hack.

He said: “Just to confirm that I have my account back, I and my family are completely fine,”

Habiba also used her Instagram to clear the air on the matter, she posted: “Do not destroy yourself by allowing negative people to add nonsense and debris to your character, reputation and aspirations. Keep all dreams alive, but discreetly, so those with unhealthy tongues have no choice but to infest themselves with their own diseases”.

According to reports, the couple had irreconcilable differences after the football star prevented Habiba Sinare from pursuing her acting career.

This resulted in minor family squabbles that escalated into a larger issue, with the striker opposing his wife’s desire to pursue a career in acting, which he believes is contrary to Islamic principles because it involves difficult and sexually suggestive roles for young ladies.

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The actress and her husband abruptly left their home in France and traveled to Ghana with their six-month-old son.

According to sources close to Habiba’s family, the player is unaware of the whereabouts of his wife and son, further straining the relationship.

The lovely lady also chose not to live in the family home in Adjiriganor, an Accra suburb, and abandoned the Islamic hijab, making herself available to potential suitors, making matters worse and more difficult to resolve after she took shots at him on Instagram.

A meeting between Waris’ family and the lady’s family to try to resolve their differences devolved into a larger brawl, with both parties trading insults.

Habiba has removed all images of Waris from her social media pages, and the Black Stars forward has responded in kind.

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