How Old is Hannah Hartland McNair?
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Hannah Hartland McNair is renowned as the spouse of Cal McNair. She is known for her philanthropic endeavors, actively participating in various charitable organizations such as Women Texans’ Chief Council, a board member supporting multiple charitable causes including Ladies for Proficiency Guide, DePelchin Children’s Center, Children’s Assessment Center, and more. Additionally, she serves as a mentor in the Houston Independent School District. Born in Houston, Texas, Hannah has maintained a private life, with no public presence on social media, and her age and birthday remain undisclosed.

Carl McNair

Cal McNair is a prominent figure in the world of professional sports, specifically in the realm of American football. He serves as the chairman and CEO of the Houston Texans, a franchise in the National Football League (NFL).

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While not always in the spotlight like the team’s players and coaches, McNair plays a crucial role in the organization. His leadership shapes the direction of the Texans and impacts decisions related to team management, strategy, and operations.

As the son of the late Bob McNair, who founded the Texans, Cal McNair has continued his family’s legacy in the NFL. Under his stewardship, the team has faced various challenges and successes. McNair’s role involves making critical choices, such as hiring coaching staff and guiding the team’s overall vision.

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How Old Is Hannah Hartland McNair?

Hannah Hartland has remained silent on some of the things regarding her personal life like her age and date of birth. Famous for being the wife of Cal, Hannah’s age is not known. People believe she in her early forties.

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