How Old is Shannon Curry?
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Shannon Curry is a fast rising genius in science and physics with a well educated background. Working as one of NASA’s best and most influential staff, her research papers have proven to be the best based on the topics she chooses to address and find possible solutions to.

Shannon Curry earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Astrophysics from Tufts University. Subsequently, she was awarded a fellowship through NASA’s Graduate Student Researchers Program (GSRP) and successfully obtained her Ph.D. from the University of Michigan in 2013. Her doctoral research was centered around the study titled “Test Particle Analysis of High Altitude Ion Transport and Escape on Mars.”

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She holds the role of a planetary physicist and currently serves as the Deputy Assistant Director of Planetary Science within the Space Sciences Laboratory at the University of California, Berkeley as well as the Principal Investigator for NASA’s Mars Scout MAVEN mission, which is focused on studying Mars’ atmosphere and evolution.

Achieving these milestones with ease and hard work, many have shown in interest in knowing more about her including her age as her body shows she’s never aging.

How Old Is Shannon Curry?

Being someone who doesn’t share her personal life on social media, getting very personal information such as her birthday is not easy but sources believe that she is in her early forties, thus between 42 and 43.

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