How Old is Tricia Wayne?
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Tricia Wayne whose relay name is Trisha Wayne is known widely as a professional car racer. She does this alongside her husband, JJ Da Boss, one of the best leaders of the car racing teams. This article will talk about Tricia’s age and some other important things about her.

Tricia Wayne Husband

Tricia Wayne has been married to JJ Da Boss who happens to be a fellow car racer. His real name is Jonathan Day and he is well known as the leader of the Memphis Racing Family. The duo have been together for all her a decade now.

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Tricia Wayne Family

Tricia’s family are not much into social media and it’s related businesses. They do have social media accounts and share one or two posts, they do not reveal their personal information. Tricia’s dad has been identified as Terry Welch whilst hire biological mother’s identity has not yet been revealed.

Tricia Wayne Injury

In 2022, news of Tricia’s accident took over the media with fans being admonished to pray for their star racer. The gory accident which most people thought you she would not survive took a turn when she survived and was confined to a wheel chair.

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How Old is Tricia Wayne?

Tricia’s date of birth is not exactly known as of the time of writing this article. Others believe that she is aorund 42 years old.

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