How To Get Free Data On Mtn In Ghana
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MTN,Ghana is a giant telecommunications company. Giving a very though competition to other mobile networks, most Ghanaians patronize their services alot.

How To Get Free Data On Mtn In Ghana
How To Get Free Data On Mtn In Ghana

Right from their mobile Moner services through to airtime packages and then finally to data bundles; a lot of Ghanaians pay huge sums of money to access them.

Well if you are tired of purchasing those costly MTN data bundles and also not willing to switch to any network,then you certainly must find another way.

This article covers how you can get free MTN data.

Firstly, you can choose to get the free data in a legit manner without involving any tricks. As a loyal customer, MTN Ghana normally allocates points to you. These points can be converted to free data without paying a dime.

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Dail *550# on your mobile phone. From the options, choose 7( MTN Rewards) and choose 99 from the options provided. Then select option 2 from the pop up options to redeem your points.

The next option suggests free airtime or data bundle, choose 2 for free data bundle. From the options, choose a data package that corresponds to your accumulated points and confirm your action.

You just received a free MTN Data. However, harnessing a lot of such points requires your consistent use of MTN services.

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Well, if you also do not want it in the legit way, then you can involve certain mild tricks which do not require any secret codes nor expertise.

With this trick you would require a mobile phone (android or IOS),and an HTTP Injector Pro.

So do well to install the app on your phone. Open the app and locate your working servers by clicking the Spinner.

Select GHANA MTN Server and navigate the second spinner to for an acronym GHA with the Ghanaian flag by it.

Select Ghana MTN Unlimited and tap on connect to browse for free. However, make sure you have a little data bundle on your sim card.

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Also not that you are held accountable for engaging in this practice and solely responsible for any damage.

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