How To Get Scholarship In Ghana

Scholarships have been institutionalised by several companies both corporate and governmental to help brilliant but needy students. Scholarships are given to Ghanaian students who normally are enrolled in basic schools, senior high schools and tertiary institutions across the country.

How To Get Scholarship In Ghana
How To Get Scholarship In Ghana

Fortunately, the government of the day has institutionalise the free senior high education nullifying the importance of scholarships at that stage. However, scholarships are really needed by most people to further their education in the tertiary.

The following are entities that give out scholarships to Ghanaian students; Vodafone,Ghana , MTN,Ghana ,Anglogold Ashanti, Newmont

Mastercard foundation, Government of Ghana Scholarship Secretariat and Cocobod. These great institution all prefer a common pre requisite which is “being needy but brilliant”. Aside that, they have only few disparities which shall be covered.

So the greatest question to ask yourself as a Ghanaian student is, are you needy? And if answer is positive, are you brilliant? If your answer is still positive, then remember its a pace setter for you to be sponsored. So you must get vital documents like your shs transcript, your WASSCE certificate and your university transcript available.

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Now open the portal of the scholarship scheme of your choice and fill in the online application for. You must however be cautious in selecting a particular scholarship as some are for students from only a particular vicinity and student whose parent are in a particular trade or occupation

After scouting and checking your eligibility, you now proceed to completing your application when online or filling it manually. You then write a proof of need(when required) and attach it to your application forms together with any important documents. Seal them and submit when it’s done manually. Whereas, everything is done online, all vital documents must also be submitted online.

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These are guidelines to follow in order to get the scholarship.

  1. Be truthful as much possible
  2. Make sure all details and school credentials given are accurate
  3. Read any bond provided and be sure of the agreement before signing to it. Where you are not qualified, stop the application.
  4. Submit only accurate results and transcripts
  5. Your proof of need, when required should be written with all honesty as disparities in your submission raises eye brows
  6. Application and submission must be done punctually
  7. When interviews are required, be sure to dress decently and compose yourself in all decorum during the interview. Try your best to answer questions accurately and when you aren’t sure, do not tell lies.

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