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One of the most well-known network service providers in Ghana is Glo. It offers both network and internet services and has good coverage. Customers can access their services using self-service options that have been rolled out recently. Due to how good their network is their customer service number has increased leading to the development of self-service options that help customers get better service. Do you know how to check your Glo number in Ghana?

How To Know Your Glo Number In Ghana
How To Know Your Glo Number In Ghana 2021

How to check your Glo number in Ghana

Do you wish to how to know your Glo number in Ghana? If yes then you are at the right place as xorlali.com got you covered on the steps to check your Glo number. You can check your phone number through the Glo app or by calling customer service. This is the most easily fastest way to check your phone number on any platform.

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How to check your Glo number using shortcodes

The shortcode for checking your Glo number in ghana is dialing *777# on your phone.

After dialing the code you will receive your phone number on your screen which will look very long. Dont worry because it has the country’s code so you can just replace the 233 with 0.

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You can also check your Glo number through their main shortcode by dialing *1244#. You then click on show your Glo number, and that is all to it on getting your number on the Glo mobile network.

How To Know Your Glo Number In Ghana
How to check your Glo number in Ghana

How to check your Glo number through customer care

If you have any issues with your Glo number, then there’s a way out. You can contact the customer service department to find out what the problem is. If it’s too much for them to handle, they will direct you to another department that can help you out. You may call 0230010100 or 0230010200.

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How do I know my Glo number on my phone?

You can know your Glo number on your phone by either using the shortcodes *777# or *1244# or through their customer care number 0230010100 or 0230010200.

How To Know Your Glo Number In Ghana Video

Watch this video on how to know my Glo phone number


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